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Clique acts as a communication and information sharing hub among residents and the resident management.

What We Do

Clique is a product developed by Softoya. It provides ease of access (using QR Code validation) for all gated and guarded (G&G) communities/high-rise areas. Clique also acts as a communication and information sharing hub (Announcement, alert of crime, event info, facility booking) among residents and the management (building management, security guard, Residents Association). The idea comes from the daily news that showing security level in residential areas is always in the highlights. Typical process of getting identification document from the visitor is time consuming especially during peak hours, causing a long queue at the guard house.

Clique provides a simpler yet secured access system solution in the form of encrypted QR codes and a visitor tracking system for a stronger sense of security to the residents. Besides, fees tracking and payment reminder act as a tool to remind the residents for monthly payment and help to track monthly payment in a more systematic way.

Clique gathers a collection of essential local services and business directories for new or existing users within a community, whom may be looking for any point of interests and local services. Besides, Clique acts as a eco friendly medium or channel for digital flyer, bunting to break into the closed community and solve the issue that printing act cannot enter into guarded area.


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